Royal Trappings Destroys CASL USF at Skatelab !

Team Royal Trappings at Skatelab Simi Valley for CASLUSF
The team showed up for another two day skate contest hosted by CASLUSF at Skatelab and man was it insane! Team Royal Trappings took home a total of 14 medals. Below will be the full recap.


Jason Daron Royal Trappings Mini Ramp 1st 5th dCASL USF

Jason Romero takes home 1st place in mini ramp and Daron Nichols snags a top five finish as well.

Jason Best Trick Winner Royal Trappings Skatelab CASLUSF

Jason Romero takes home best bowl trick with a smith grind through the corner.

Jason Daron Royal Trappings Casl Usf Game of Skate & Best Trick

Jason Romero and Daron Nichols take home best trick and winners of the game of skate.

Jason Daron Royal Trappings CASLUSF Bowl winners

Then the dynamic duo Jason Romero and Daron Nichols, snag both 1st and 2nd in the bowl.

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