Royal Trappings CASL Vans Skate Park Results

Another killer contest by Royal Trappings riders at the CASL USF event at Vans Skate Park in Huntington Beach!
Royal Trappings 3rd Place Sponsored Team CASL USF
Overall, Royal Trappings took home 3rd place in the sponsored team event. Pictured here are riders Jacob and Terry!
Royal Trappings RoyalTrappings Steven Vasquez Skater Skateboarding
Royal Trappings 8 year old skater Steven Vasquez came in 3rd place in the street competition.
Royal Trappings Skaters Daron & Jason CASL USF
Royal Trappings skaters Daron came in 2nd place in the bowl and Jason came in 3rd place.
Royal Trappings Skater Daron Best Trick CASL USF Winner
Daron also brought home the best trick award with an Indie Rock Grab.
Jason Daron Royal Trappings Mini Ramp 2nd 3rd CASL USF
 Daron and Jason also brought home 2nd and 3rd place in the mini ramp competition.
Ready to rock the next CASL skate competition on October 22nd and October 23rd! Don't miss these events, they are INSANE!
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